Biomedical Photonics is the science established to bring an aide to the goals of modern medicine that is to understand the cause of diseases, to facilitate an early diagnosis of diseases, and to provide a specific effective treatment. Light plays a key role in turning this ambitious vision into reality. In biomedical research modern optical and photonic techniques allow for monitoring and manipulating life processes in cells and tissues on a molecular level. But also in clinical practice, optical and photonic techniques are well established in many fields of medicine, like in ophthalmology, endoscopy or biomedical imaging. This explains why the last decade is marked by the exponential growth of photonic technologies applied to biology and health. 
The objective of the conference is to exchange on the last years achievements in the domain of the biomedical applications of various photonic tools spanning from molecules an cells manipulation to tissue and in-vivo studies. Photonic methods include amongst others Raman, fluorescence, non-linear optics, multiphoton, phase imaging, optical coherence tomography, endoscopic microscopy etc.
 1. Scientific sessions: 
• Photonics for diagnostics and therapy 

• Photonics for imaging 
• Materials, markers and molecular probes for photonic imaging 
• Lasers for health 
• Neurophotonics and Optogenetics. 

2. Round table: Education in biomedical photonics 
3. Industrial section: short slots on photonic technologies